About Critical LINK

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Karen Link

Karen is a courageous leader who helps clients achieve business goals by finding innovative solutions to complex issues. Described as passionate, innovative, insightful, engaging, influential, resourceful and committed, Karen has developed an extensive professional network in the private, public and non-profit sectors through work spanning multiple industries. 

Whatever your challenge, Karen will bring more than 30 years of experience to the task.  She may call upon a network of consultants to ensure each project benefits from the right expertise.


Critical LINK’s work has been described as Engaging.  Insightful.  Attentive.  Polished.  Tenacious.  Grounded. Real.  

We have worked with:

  • Community agencies that are too stretched to meet the most pressing needs of their clients.
  • Competing organizations that can no longer afford to work at cross-purposes. 
  • Organizations that are paralyzed by dysfunction. 
  • Corporations that must raise the bar as they pursue increasingly complex social or ethical goals.

Our approach is to re-engage individuals and organizations so they can move forward with strength and courage, even when faced with complex challenges.  We do this by building connections between the most important assets of each organization: people, ideas and possibilities.

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